5 Techniques You Must Learn to Be a Web Designer

5.) Be a Web Designer, Not a Graphic Designer

 It is a common misinterpretation that graphic designers, known for their abilities in computer graphics can also be web designers and the same goes for the other way around as well. While this may be technically true, there are only a select few actual web designers that know the difference between print-based projects and web-based projects with every project given to them. The real issue is that web designing is a completely different area of design, containing its own perks and skill. These are two separate methods, therefore the target audience and objectives of a website are completely separate from the content of graphic design.

4.) Evaluate Your Work And Ask For Feedback

The web design project cycle comes to a halt during the evaluation and examination of your finished work. Being able to take in and work with feedback positively is a very crucial characteristic of every creative professional. Just like all other characteristics, possessing the perfect eye in spotting the mistakes in your own work is a feature that professional web designers should acquire. The web designers should live as the devil’s advocate and let the success of their website live in the target audience’s shoes. This being said, taking the time to have other peers or associates spot check your work for any missed mistakes will get you far as well.

3.) Plan Before You Design

Many designers may look at certain projects in a “just wait for inspiration to get here” kind of fashion, what it really is, is the fact that even a tiny bit of outlining can aid in that inspiration arriving a lot more faster. In itself, it’s always advised to map out and study up way before beginning the process of web design. Instructions on how to properly plan a project can be divided up into three stages:

  1. Studying up on the client’s company
  2. Providing the client questions about what he prefers and wants from the internet
  3. Checking to see what his competitors are doing and any relevant trends in that industry.

2.) Be Able To Sell Yourself

It’s a very small world, and from the eye of the web designer, it can also be seen as a jungle. Web designers are up against as much competition as a fox in a family of lions… and only the strongest will survive. In order to have your name get out there beyond the names of your competitors, you must let the world know about you and the skills you provide.

1.) Effective Communication Skills

To be effective with communication is one of the top skills that will either make or break you in any given job, but most especially, it’s crucial to have in web design where conversing with a developer, an art director or even a client can decide upon the result of a project. It is fairly understood that creative people are not particularly chatty as people. But when it comes to making yourself known and selling yourself in your field, that creative person has to be loud and transparent in his talking with the client. You have to be able to speak exquisitely about your choices of design for the particular project – why you picked these and the components behind why your design choice is the perfect fit for their company. A lot of small ponderings can also be fixed simply if you are good at talking.

If you want to know more important skills for being a web designer, watch the video below!